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Sylvia Schusler

Roscoe, Illinois, United States

Sylvia has been through FIVE different trainers since being with Anytime Fitness. However, in little over three months working with Rosie, she SIGNIFICANTLY improved her posture and functional capabilities, accomplishing many FIRSTS, inclusive of her first EVER push-up at the end of May 2014 (on the RSX no less!), causing her to increase her weekly training frequency AND session duration because she enjoyed and LOVED so much what she was seeing and feeling!

"Each session is progressively more difficult and progress is measureable. I feel much better than I did when we started. I'm much stronger and my endurance level is higher. Rosie understands that I'm diabetic and vegetarian. Best Trainer I've had."

Sylvia works hard and wants to be pushed because she wants to help her diabetes, and so pushed she gets, every session harder than the next, so that she is continually progressing.

"You inspire me...You are a great trainer and I wish I had met you sooner."

Kevin Heckman

Roscoe, Illinois, United States

Kevin joined Anytime Fitness in December 2013, barely able to walk or stand straight, and the first month all he could do was cardio, even simple exercises still difficult during his second month. It wasn't until March that Kevin began to notice the difference in his posture, how he walked, and was able to perform exercises that only a few weeks prior he was unable to do! Thereon out his functional performance improved by leaps and bounds, Kevin loving training!

"I never thought I would be able to do any of this, but now I know I can. I feel a lot better, when I first went there I couldn't hardly walk, but with this trainer I feel 100% better with her. She is a very good trainer and teaching me a lot of stuff I never knew. She knows what she is doing. Rosie has helped me out more than the chiropractor ever did; I love it!"

Marc Wolfe

Roscoe, Illinois, United States

When Marc first became a client he had issues with his knees and shoulders. However, three months into training he was playing basketball again without the pain he previously experienced, jumping once more (and going higher every time!). His posture improved also, the muscle gains and leaning through his upper body and calves becoming more noticeable each week, especially through his shoulders and arms. Always smiling, Marc is a happy client!

"Rosie rocks! I have no doubts I will get to where I want to be. I have really seen strength and stamina gains. I have also seen changes in body comp. I can play basketball and recover faster! I feel better than I have in a long time physically. I look forward to continuing on towards my goals. I enjoy laughing while I sweat - thanks for being fun as well as focused."

Marc's training focus has generally always been on recomping, but also in improving and maintaining athetic ability re basketball and softball, challenging different fitness areas, and he is currently training for adventure races in 2015, beginning with the Tough Mudder in May and going for his Spartan trifecta!

Cain Center

Athens, Texas, United States
September 2011 to January 2012

"I have been a member of the Cain Center in Athens, Texas, since October 2011, and have been using the gym on a regular basis ever since.

"I scheduled an appointment with your trainer Rosie at that time so she could help me design an exercise program that would accommodate my recent back surgery and full knee replacement. She was extremely helpful, as I was rather uneasy about using the machines, and she soon had me doing exercises I never knew I could do. Rosie has been available any time I need her to make adjustments to my program. She has been very knowledgeable as to how to make adjustments that have enabled me to do things I haven't been able to do in many years.

"As a result of her input, I have dropped 22 pounds since I joined and my doctor was really shocked at how much my blood pressure has dropped. I have been able to forgo one of my blood pressure tablets because of it."

Patricia Teems

* * * * * * *

"I really appreciate your trainer Rosie. She has been very helpful in designing an exercise program for me that has been very beneficial, taking off 20 pounds since the middle of October, 2011, and increasing my stamina and physical conditioning along the way.

"Rosie has been available to me when I need to make adjustments to my program and is very knowledgeable in her field."

Terry L. Teems

* * * * * * *

"In July my AIC was 9.8, normal levels being 2.2 to 6.4.

"When we met with Rosie and she showed us the correct way to use the machines and free weights, this was the best thing that could have happened. After learning the correct way to work out, my blood sugar AIC level has dropped to 6.6. Also I have dropped 22 pounds. Many thanks go out to Rosie."

Dickie Howell

* * * * * * *

"I am a 60 year old Breast Cancer survivor. My husband and I started exercising in August 2011. We both met with Rosie in October. I have to say I thought "What do we need her for?" Boy, was I wrong. Rosie showed us the proper way to do the machines. We were using them the wrong way. She custom made each of us a work-out plan. We were actually using fewer machines with more results. Some things I couldn't do, she said "That's O.K. there is always another way to achieve the same results"...I've lost 18 pounds. Thanks Rosie."

Patty Howell

* * * * * * *

"Rosie, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for working with me as "my" Trainer...When we started you were one of three individuals that knew that I was going to return from retirement to go back into Emergency Response (Fire service). My wife and I were the other two. We set goals, developed training plans and put those plans into motion, literally.

"I have never been a leader that assigned tasks that I cannot perform myself. I did not feel at that time I could lead based on my physical capabilities and it is essential that I can. Through our workout sessions over the past 2-3 months my endurance, strength and stamina have increased proportionally thanks to your knowledge, proper techniques, training routines, motivation and leadership. I like leadership.

"Thank You for your time helping me with the process of reaching my goals."

Leonard Morrison
Assistant Fire Chief, Southside Henderson County VFD

* * * * * * *

"We have been very pleased with the training suggested by Rosie. Our objective was to increase our endurance, add some strength training, and improve balance. Rosie is the ultimate professional and we would never have received such good attention without joining the Cain Center. She designed a program for the two of us, and gives counsel when we are in the fitness center. She has exceeded our expectations and we are certainly benefiting from Rosie's close attention to our needs. We thank Rosie and the Cain Center for providing this service."

Milton and Robbie Hickman

* * * * * * *

"I am 82 years old, have worked out 3 days a week for the last 8 weeks. I am much stronger, feel better, have a better balance. Thanks to Rosie."

Harold Rhodes

* * * * * * *

"Rosie, Thanks for your guidance and support for both Robert and me in getting our workout program off on the right track. We both believe we are making progress although some of the exercises are more difficult than others. I know the workout you have programmed for me has helped me a great deal as far as my agility is concerned. We are doing well...better today than when we started.

"Thanks so much for your help; your advice, your guidance and your encouragement."

Betty [and Robert] Pinkerton

Mike Wolfe

Sunnyvale, California, United States

"I found out about Rosie on the Anabolic Minds forum in a couple of the sections there and she really stood out with her knowledge and comments on various subject from workout techniques to nutrition. I told myself I need to contact her and get off this cookie cutter 'FAIL' road I'm on. What a decision this was!!

"Rosie helped me tremendously by tailoring my weight program, cardio and nutrition specifically to me. The results have far surpassed my expectations and I am very happy with where I am right now. It's been 8 weeks and I plan on sticking with Rosie for the long term.

"When I started with Rosie online I was in a serious rut with my lifting routine and motivation in general. I was very much in need of a change and I needed to go in a different direction. The first few days of really looking at my body in the mirror and having to share that with Rosie was a bit depressing but she lifted me up with her kind words and awesome motivation and I was ready get at it and chop down boulders. I feel great right now, look a lot better and it's only been 8 weeks. I can't wait to see the results 6 months from now.

"Rosie is very easy to communicate with and she is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of nutrition and weight training. She can tailor to the individual and take into account anything they have going on. I have had two knee surgeries so she was able to take that into account and tailor my workout with that in mind.

"Rosie is awesome. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to transform themselves. She is a great source of motivation and guidance to get you where you want to go."

Victor Nobrega

Moved between England and Portugal during time with Rosie

"What a pleasant surprise! Yes, I always thought that I was able to do my own workouts by reading here and there and build on my personal experience. I've been approach in several gyms in order to receive personal training but never felt tempted to do so. After reading Rosie's article on regarding mass building I've realised there was so much more in order to reach my goals. That's when I decided to contact Rosie and ask her to help me out with my workout plan. From day one Rosie explained everything to me like if I was a little child, step by step, detail after detail, it could not miss a thing. Starting off with the initial assessment and questionnaires she built up the basis for my workout and my goals. One of the most important aspects of all was my nutrition, beside having protein shakes and pre workout drinks I had never followed a nutrition plan and Rosie noticed that straight away. She built up a nutrition plan according to my goals and my everyday habits and schedule. At first it was very hard to me to follow everything, and by the end I must confess I still struggled to reach my 3200 calories a day! With my super meal plan and complete workout I was not only able to get a massive step closer to my goals but it also revolutionised the way I saw my workout and goals. I started aiming not only for size but also resistance and flexibility. Rosie's workout included Main and Assist days with cardio and flexibility plans included! I had everything I needed to succeed so I started training hard and the results were obvious straight away and on the every week photos that Rosie asked me for. During my 12 weeks many questions raised and Rosie was always ready to provide not only an answer but also a complete explanation why things worked that way. What more can I say? Rosie's knowledge and attention to me totally revolutionised the way I approached the world of nutrition and training! Thank you for everything Rosie and can't wait to work again with you and raise the bar even higher!"

Jason Hawkins

United States,
Based in Iraq during time with Rosie

"I first contacted Rosie to help with getting myself in shape prior to coming home from Iraq. I needed to lose fat but I wanted to keep the hard earned muscle that I already had. This was a unique challenge due to the fact that I only had access to foods that were given to us and I could not determine accurate ingredient or caloric profile for most foods. This was even further complicated mid-program by a change of sites that, working hours, allotted gym times and nutrition.

"Rosie was always available and even though I was not aware at first, she would take all of our conversations and keep updating every part of my work out and give me alternate approaches to achieve realistic goals. Due to extremely long work hours (18+) and a 7 day work week, I was ready to give up but Rosie was able to help me keep on track and the hard work was definitely worth it. I ended up losing 2 pant sizes and actually increased my working weight load in the gym. It was money well spent for several reasons...

"1. I learned more on how to take proactive approach in shaping my goals to coincide with my lifestyle, no matter how chaotic it could become.

"2. Being able to communicate using various mediums in order to get any questions answered or exercises explained made life much less stressful and a lot less guess work.

"3. Just like anything else in life, having someone there to help provide motivation and direction when things become overwhelming can keep everything in perspective and your goals in sight.

"4. You learn more about nutrition, exercise and how to apply that to your specific goals, lifestyle and physical capabilities (I had specific injuries to work around).

"5. It works!

"I will be using Rosie again in order to further work on weight loss and increase endurance and decrease running times and as long as I keep reasonable goals, focused and dedicated, I know she will help me get there."

Chelsea Siferd

Austin, Texas, United States

"Before I started working with Rosie I had no clue on how to lift weights. I had previously lost 20 lbs a year prior and had been stuck at the same body fat since then. All I knew how to do in the gym was cardio. Rosie designed a nutrition plan that was easy to follow as well as challenging workouts. I went from 30% body fat to 24% over an 8 week span. By the end of the 8 weeks I could deadlift and squat my own bodyweight, which was pretty good for me considering I have never done them before. Rosie also provided detailed answers and information to all of my questions and broke many myths that I thought were true. I highly recommend her to anyone from beginner and up. She is very motivating and will keep you reaching for your goals."


United States,
Based in the Middle East during time with Rosie

"Like many guys with a military background I considered myself an intermediate level lifter. I had lifted since high school and being, 28 had some years under me. However, also like many guys I never grew and seemed to maintain the same weight. I never broke 225 in bench, I hadn’t done a deadlift in years and I never missed bench day, and I always missed leg day.

"When starting with Rosie's program, I learned exactly how much I DIDN'T know about diet and exercise - specifically how much I would NEED to eat in order to grow. She had me doing the things "Men's Health Magazine" tells the modern man to avoid and it worked wonders for me! Due to Rosie's constant information and feedback, I maintained roughly the same body fat percentage and gained in muscle mass and strength.

"One interesting note which I love to discuss is the fact that I missed nearly 1/4 of my training sessions and due to my constant travel, did not follow the diet as "clean" as I should have. When I started the program I was reluctant to squat more than 185 and now I can squat 315 for a total of 10 sets of 3. Bench is close to 300 lbs. easy. I started the program weighing in at about 187 and I am currently 210 as of the writing of this testimonial."

"Start of 12 weeks
Body Mass: 187 pounds
Body Composition: 12.5% bodyfat
Bodyfat: 23.375 pounds
Lean Body Mass: 163.625 pounds

"Finish of 12 weeks
Body Mass: 199 pounds (+12 pounds)
Body Composition: 12.5% bodyfat
Bodyfat: 24.875 pounds (+1.5 pounds)
Lean Body Mass: 174.15 pounds (+10.5 pounds)

"I highly recommend Rosie for anyone wanting to learn how to eat and exercise even if you CONSIDER yourself advanced. If you have been lifting the same weight every workout session it's time to ride ROSIE'S MUSCLE Train!"

Sunil Shingala

Tennis Athlete

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

"I have had the pleasure of having Rosie for an online coach for nutrition and training for three months. She has vastly exceeded my expectations I have had of her. I have decided to continue working with her. In three months following her program I have made excellent progress. She always responds to my questions within twenty four hours and checks up on me weekly to see the progress I have made and what parts of the program need to be changed and what is working. Her knowledge in nutrition, strength training, cardio, and flexibility is mind-blowing. I have talked to trainers in the past who have given me tips, but some of their tips have proven to be false. I have verified all of Rosie's teachings by reading articles, and all of her advice has been spot on. She gives great positive feedback and at the same time gives constructive criticism which helps expose my strengths and weaknesses. Her training program never gets boring and is very intense. Every week her program allows for progress to be made and there is never a standstill. Her prices are very, very affordable. I highly recommend her as a trainer."

Ali Alkadhi

NABBA Athlete

  • 2011 Waikato Open Athletic Champion

NZFBB Athlete

  • 2009 National Novice Under 70KG Champion
  • 2009 Central North Island Novice Under 70KG Champion

Hamilton, New Zealand

"Rosie's training and nutritional programme really helped me understand how to manipulate my bodyweight through correct diet and training methods. Her tips and tricks helped me get through my plateaus and allowed me to be in the best shape of my life and it was nice and simple!"

Nick Smith

Performance Enhancing Trainer
Motivational Speaker
NABBA Athlete

  • 2008 Nelson Bays 2nd Athletic Category

Perth, Australia

"Why would anyone want to work with Rosie? Well, before I started working with Rosie I thought eating six bananas before a workout was quality nutrition. I thought working out meant going into the gym for 3 hours each session. I was working out and I knew what I wanted to achieve but was unsure of how to get there most effectively. I also learnt some key strategies of how to lose bodyfat without losing muscle, which was a big bonus as Rosie guided me to a top placing at my first bodybuilding show. After working with Rosie, I not only ended up with much lower bodyfat but I had a new found grip on how to utilise nutrition, supplementation and exercise together to get optimal results. Rosie continues to be a great source of inspiration and a great true friend. So if you're thinking about working with Rosie, I would recommend that you get over any doubt and contact her today because it will be one of the best decisions you've ever made! Thanks Rosie!"

Renee Lealaivaega Timalu-Faleseuga

Wellington, New Zealand

"I first utilised Rosie as my personal trainer in 2008. Not being particularly knowledgeable about how best to train my body, I secured her assistance to work towards and attain the Required Fitness Level (RFL) for entrance into the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF). Rosie devised me a training programme that was challenging, practical for my needs and resources, and was easy for me to integrate into my daily life. It was a realistic training programme that suited my personal needs and circumstances perfectly. In working with Rosie, I found her to be extremely friendly, professional and knowledgeable, forthcoming with information, and very encouraging of my goals. I am proud to have achieved my goal with the help of Rosie's excellent guidance and expertise, and would readily use her training services again, and recommend her to anyone looking to achieve their specific body and fitness goals."

John Whitehead

Club President, Massey University Rugby Club

  • 2008 2nd Senior 1 Finals
  • 2008 Val Holland Memorial Trophy Winners

Palmerston North, New Zealand

"Rosie joined the club in March 2007 to take on the role of strapper and masseuse for our Varsity A side. I am pleased to say without hesitation that Rosie has performed this role to an extremely high standard and that she has been one of the best we have had to occupy this position...Her dealings with all our contacts have been first class - these include the players in the team, the team coaches and manager, the local rugby union, and other clubs in Manawatu. Rosie is able to deal effectively with people of different ages and backgrounds. She is very much committed to sport and work and derives a great deal of pleasure from her full participation in sport. Rosie is a respected member of the management team in the past two seasons."

Mike Few

Multisport Athlete

Palmerston North, New Zealand

"I have had the privilege of having Rosie as my personal trainer for two years. During that time Rosie has assessed my fitness levels, developed training and rehabilitation programmes and given me detailed ongoing feedback. I have been consistently impressed by her professional and thorough work ethic. It is Rosie's positive and encouraging attitude which enabled me to meet my training goals. Rosie's interpersonal and communication skills allowed her to develop a positive productive working relationship with me and my other health professionals. Her listening and interviewing skills allowed her to extract information from me necessary to develop a comprehensive training programme suitable for my mix of issues. Rosie applies professionalism to all aspects of her life. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending her."

"Rosie was assigned to me as a personal trainer during her final year and with no exaggeration has been the finest personal trainer I have worked with from the Bachelor of Human Performance Program. Her work ethic, level of professionalism, in depth knowledge of her field and most importantly her quality of interpersonal customer service is truly excellent. She continuously strove to positively motivate me in my program, and kept an exceptional level of communication, updating and improving my program to fit my needs. This really set her apart from her peers and the enthusiasm she shows toward her work and her career leaves me in no doubt that she will excel and elevate any privileged enough to hire her."

Dean Reynolds


  • Co-Ordinator Animation Programme
  • Lecturer in Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging

Palmerston North, New Zealand

"I was looking for an exercise regime that was different from the usual gym routine, and that pushed me to raise my fitness levels. I am not a fan of lifting weights or using machines, preferring to go outside for a walk or down to the pool for a swim, but needed something more than what I was doing. That’s where Rosie was a brilliant help. Rosie was completing her exercise and sport degree at UCOL and I was fortunate to have her assistance. She gave me the most precise fitness assessment that I have ever had, and then developed a number of programmes that were different from what I usually did. I could tell that she had listened to what I had to say just by looking at the programmes. The programmes included things to do both in the gym and outside of the gym. I set myself an ambitious goal to run 10 kms (I have never been a runner!) and started on Rosie’s programmes. They really worked, and are probably the hardest workouts I have ever done. Rosie regularly checked on my progress via email and in the gym. I have had other programmes written for me, but Rosie’s are the best ever. They included a number of really different exercises that were new to me. I also liked how Rosie put into practice the advice that she was giving to others. She is a very fit and determined young lady who is serious in her approach to fitness."

Christine Beech
Palmerston North, New Zealand

"Rosie was excellent, very friendly and professional. She did her very best to fit the programme to my needs, goals, and time available, and her exercise programme took into account the time I had available and split the exercise into manageable chunks. She explained the exercise programme and exercises well, so that I understood what I was doing, and provided me with pictures of the exercises so that I would remember them. Rosie kept in touch, and was easy to talk to. I would definitely continue with her as my trainer."

Pam Turner
Palmerston North, New Zealand

"When I was just starting out with training, Rosie was my trainer for the first year. In that year, she did an excellent job, explaining everything to me as we went along, responding to my requests for certain exercises and my time availability. Her training programme was very comprehensive, and she definitely understands and has the needs of the client as a top priority. I learnt the correct training techniques to start me on my path to fitness, improving my fitness along the way. She is highly motivated, with good communication skills and a professional demeanour, and I recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer who will individualize everything for their specific needs."

Ray Sanders
Christchurch, New Zealand

"I have no problem motivating myself to train. However, having Rosie as a personal trainer has meant that I was ‘accountable’ to someone for every session. Rosie has been a motivation to push out that last rep at the weight I thought I couldn’t handle, always encouraging me to go that one step further than I might have if I was training by myself. Rosie demonstrated that she was willing to do whatever it took to get the desired results. She is a highly capable trainer, professional in her attitude, and is able to develop excellent rapport with clients. I have no hesitation in recommending her to other potential clients."

Eli Grant
Wellington, New Zealand

* Please note that "in-person" clients also work "online" to some degree, as I do not work with them for EVERY single training session and they are given the sessions to do that I do not take them through. Nutritional guidance is also given, with guidelines re meal plan/outline.

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