Fat Loss


The 3 Keys to Fat Loss

Those who are successful at fat loss know their body well and how it responds to nutrition and training. The 3 Keys to Fat Loss is an in-depth fat loss guide with advice and information on nutrition, supplementation, and training for effective and successful fat loss.

The first step to successful fat loss is to set a goal. Your goal should follow the principles of SMART goal-setting.

Once you have set your goal, then you need to look at your nutrition. Your diet should be individualized for you, to ensure that you get the results that you want in the timeframe that you want them. Your diet should follow the principles of adequacy, balance, energy control, nutrient density, moderation, and variety.

The last piece of the fat loss puzzle is exercise. Your exercise programme should follow the FITT and SOAP principles; and include resistance training (2-4 times weekly), cardio (predominantly in the form of high intensity sessions), and flexibility (to aid your joints and muscles).

Estimating Energy Expenditure

Find out how to calculate your Maintenance energy requirements, so that you can put together the best nutrition plan possible for you to achieve your fat loss goals.


3 Key Factors For Effective Fat Loss!

Discover the three keys of fat loss: Goal setting, lifestyle nutrition, and training incorporating resistance and cardiovascular work; and learn how to apply them to maximize your fat loss or break through plateaus.

Transform Your Tummy With These 8 Essential Tips!

Whether you're already lean or need to become leaner, there is always something that you can do to change the appearance of your midsection and make even the smallest of transformations to your tummy. Follow these eight essential tips to transform your stomach into something you can be proud to show off!

The Essential 8: Exercises That Will Get You Ripped!

Resistance training is more important and far more effective than cardio for fat loss, and is an essential part of your training programme. Find out what eight essential exercises everyone should include in their resistance training programme.

The Cardio Debate for Fat Loss: High Intensity versus Low Intensity

This article will briefly discuss the differences in high intensity and low intensity cardio, outlining the reasons why high intensity cardio is more efficient and effective for fat loss.

Sample Training Programme for Fat Loss

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