Gaining Muscle


Macronutrient Composition for Optimal Muscle Growth

To achieve muscle accretion one must have a positive energy balance (~15% above maintenance), a moderate to high carbohydrate intake (55-50% total daily energy) to fuel resistance sessions, optimal protein intake (25-30% total daily energy) to ensure protein synthesis, and an adequate fat intake (15-20% total daily energy) to prevent testosterone levels falling. This article briefly discusses the required energy intake and macronutrient composition of that energy for optimal muscle growth.


The 5 Basic Staple Supplements: The Only Supplements that are Essential to your Regime

The average individual does NOT need supplementation, except for perhaps a multivitamin to ensure that they do not get any mineral and vitamin deficiencies. However, the more active individual, recreational trainee, or competitive athlete needs MORE than simply what they can ingest through their nutrition. This article briefly discusses which of the many supplement available on the market should be considered 'staples'.


Training for Muscle Growth: Physiological Adaptations to Resistance Training and Lifting Weights to Maximize Mass

There are many different programmes and methods of training out there that are going to accomplish muscle growth. Add to that the fact that each individual is unique and that what may work for one in acquiring muscle mass may not work for another. There are, however, general standards and principles that most 'mass gaining' training programmes are based upon. This article will discuss the different types of muscle fibres, the physiology of muscle growth, training parameters that work best for hypertrophy, and provide a sample programme for muscle building.

Sample Training Programme for Gaining Muscle

The 10x3 training programme, created by Derek "Beast" Charlebois is high intensity, high volume, and works well for muscle growth. The following 10x3 training programme is an adaptation of the original programme. This adaptation is recommended only for experienced and more advanced lifters.

How to Maximize Mass Through Weights and Adaptation

Specifically for Women

Shaping the Perfect Glutes

Building and shaping your glutes so that they sit high off your legs, hard and muscular, yet round enough that they give that perfect silhouette to your figure is not impossible, and through incorporating a few different exercises into your training programme, you too can have the sexy, shapely butt of a fitness model. Learn what those exercises are.

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