My Definition of a Champion

Of all the things one can become in life, I can think of nothing better to be than to be a Champion.

A Champion is a WARRIOR.

A Champion NEVER settles; never gives up; they strive through the blood, sweat and tears to overcome ALL obstacles placed before them.

A Champion IGNORES the pain; they are the first to rise and the last to fall; they will keep on going until they collapse.

A Champion NEVER accepts defeat; 'failure' is not defeat, but a lesson on how to do better, how not to make the same mistakes.

A Champion may fall, but they ALWAYS rise again, fighting back harder than ever.

A Champion does NOT make excuses for their shortcomings, but pushes forward, turning their weaknesses into strengths.

A Champion burns with the fire of determination and passion; they dare to dream, dreaming of the stars and REFUSE to accept anything less than such heights as they have set their eyes upon.

A Champion NEVER backs down or strays from their path; they have a purpose and they will do WHATEVER it takes to achieve it.

A Champion has a PURPOSE, forging forward, open to possibilities, forever testing themselves, challenging the 'impossible'.

A Champion gives EVERYTHING they have to their cause, holding nothing back, persistently pursuing their goals, dreams and desires with a vengeance to be the absolute BEST that they can be.

Do YOU have what it takes to become a Champion?

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