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Erase is my #1 testosterone booster - not just because it is an excellent recomp product, but because of all the additional benefits it gives me! My best results re body composition and joints with Erase are when I dose at 5-6 caps daily. Interestingly enough, at 5-6 caps daily, my joints are better than they were when I was using Osteo-Sport, which says a LOT.


Recompadrol is hands down the best nutrient repartitoner/insulin mimic available and an excellent recomp product!


The ONLY Growth Hormone booster that works WITH my body, IGF-2 allows for muscle gains whilst maintaining leanness (<10% bodyfat on ~4,300 cal/day)! It enhances recovery, with deeper sleep and complete elimination of DOMS.


Assault is my #1 preworkout product - the FIRST of such that I have ever used where I see results with the RECOMMENDED dosage and do not have to stack with multiple stimulant products. The original formula was PERFECT for me and not until the FOURTH reformulation did I see just as good benefits with it as I did with the former.

Shred Matrix*

Shred Matrix came to be a general staple for me, not because it is a "fat burner", but because, like Erase, provides many additional benefits. It is the most COMPLETE fat loss product IMO AND a compliment to anyone's nutrition and training for ANY body goal!


With a hint of sweet tartness, Red Raspberry RecoverPRO is my #1 BCAA product re flavour and now my primary source of supplemented protein.

Disclaimer: These products are my top and favourite because of MY experience/s with them. EVERYone is different and therefore NO one is going to have the exact same experience with or effects from any given product - just because I experienced something does NOT mean that you will and you may or may not experience any, some, or all of the "listed" claims and effects of any given product. I recommend that you do your OWN personal research and learn as much as you can about ANY product that you are considering using - know all the ins and outs of it, its mechanism of action, look at others' feedback and read through any logs on it, and use all that information to make your own informed decision on whether or not that product is one that would be beneficial to you re YOUR goals and needs!

* These products have been discontinued.

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