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Return of "The Female Terminator" with SlinMax

Rosie's Lipo-Morph

The Female Terminator Chronicles: The Ultimate Muscle and Physique Stack (2012)

RECOVER the Female Terminator for BATTLE

The Female Terminator Chronicles: Purpose Driven Warrior

The Female Terminator Chronicles: Cutting for Competition (2011)

Genomyx H.E.A.T.s up the Female Terminator with DCP to Smolder for Competition

Will LG's New Topical 7-keto DHEA become a Staple in the Female Terminator's Arsenal?

The REVOLUTION of the Female Terminator CONTINUES with ERASE

Completing the Female Terminator's REMODEL with TRIAZOLE (and other Goodies)

Will Alpha-T2 Fight Against or Work With the Female Terminator?

T-911 Drives the Female Terminator into the LipoBURN Zone of the Anadraulic State GT

The Female Terminator Trains to FREE TEST

The Female Terminator Meets Shred Ultra (Sponsored)

The Female Terminator Chronicles: REVOLUTION (2010)

Time to Strip the Female Terminator with Liposolv (Sponsored)

Rosie rides the White Raspberry wave of Controlled Labs' White Flood (Sponsored)

The Female Terminator takes on LG's Anadraulic State (sponsored)

The Female Terminator Chronicles (2009)

Restoring Rosie: AN calls in the full cavalry (and a few extras)

Applied Nutriceuticals Recomps Rosie for Competition

The Female Terminator Strikes Back Armed with AN's Ultimate Cutting Stacks

Rosie's Training stacked with Drive/RPM and IGF-2/NeoVar

Contest Preparation with Applied Nutriceuticals

Disclaimer: Each of my logs details MY experience with the product/s listed. EVERYone is different and therefore NO one is going to have the exact same experience with or effects from any given product - just because I experienced something does NOT mean that you will (and likely, because of my my body being the anomaly that it is, it usually responds OPPOSITE than expected, so it is an extreme example of individual differences). You may or may not experience any, some, or all of the "listed" claims and effects of any given product - be aware that if you do not, it does NOT mean that the product is not working. You cannot use my experience with any given product as "this is what I am going to see if I use it", and as with everything, I recommend that you do your OWN personal research and learn as much as you can about ANY product that you are considering using - know all the ins and outs of it, its mechanism of action, look at others' feedback and read through any logs on it, and use all that information to make your own informed decision on whether or not that product is one that would be beneficial to you re YOUR goals and needs!

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